There are many schools around the world that already are providing students HQPBL experiences. The stories below highlight some of these schools and prove that all students should have access to HQPBL.

San Jose, California

Katherine Smith

Over seven years ago, Aaron Brengard came to serve as principal of Katherine Smith Elementary, a 55-year-old Title I school within San Jose’s Evergreen School District. Despite its location in…
Houston, Texas

Energy Institute

In east downtown Houston, you’ll find the nation’s first high school devoted to preparing students to enter careers in the energy field. Energy Institute High School is a STEM focused…
Arica, Chile

Liceo Pablo Neruda

When asked where the most advanced approaches to K-12 instruction are taking place, educational experts often point north toward Scandinavia. Yet one of South America’s coastal countries is showing a…
Providence, Rhode Island

The Met

“Working on high quality projects is at the core of the The Met... actually I’d like to rephrase that and say doing real-world, meaningful work is at the core. Projects…
Charlottesville, Virginia

Albemarle County Public Schools

Without a doubt, Project Based Learning in Albemarle County Public Schools is there to stay. From impressive outcomes, both in project products and on state assessment measures, teachers, students and…
London, England

School 21

If you walk the halls of the lively School21 in London’s Stratford neighborhood, you easily might hear dozens of languages being spoken. Many of the school’s more than 1000 students…
Albuquerque, New Mexico

ACE Leadership

Northwest of downtown Albuquerque, there is a high school of about 400 students, ranging in ages from 14-20, that is proving Project Based Learning really is for all students. ACE…
San Diego, California

Thrive Public Schools

At Thrive Public Schools in San Diego, California—a school network with a strong focus on high quality Project Based Learning (HQPBL)—projects are a necessary part of reaching the diverse population…

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