High Quality Project
Based Learning

Our Purpose

We believe all students – no matter where they live or what their background – must have access to high quality Project Based Learning (HQ PBL). Our hope is that through widespread dissemination of the Framework for HQ PBL, more educators and organizations will commit to provide all students with HQ PBL experiences.

The Project

Educators around the world have increasingly been using project based learning in classrooms, but often express that there is no guide for how to take their work to the next level. This project started in fall of 2016 and started in hopes to address this need and to craft a common definition for HQ PBL.

HQ PBL is guided by a 27 member steering committee and a 90 member advisory team comprised of education leaders from around the world. The Framework for HQ PBL was created based on their PBL experiences and ideas, as well as a result of crowd-sourced feedback and input from educators. Public comment and suggestions on the Framework for High Quality Project Based Learning were collected and led to several cycles of critique and revision — resulting in the final Framework published in March 2018.

This project is supported by Project Management Institute Educational Foundation (PMIEF) and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. This project is also sponsored by the Buck Institute for Education.

The Framework for High Quality Project Based Learning

The Framework will be released in March of 2018, but for now take a peek at the 6 elements of High Quality Project Based Learning.


Students learn deeply, think critically, and strive for excellence.


Students work on projects that are meaningful and relevant to their lives and future.


Students’ work is seen by their peers and by people beyond the classroom.


Students collaborate with other students in their class, school or online, and may work with adults who serve as project mentors and audience.


Students use a defined project management and/or design process to provide structure for the project.


Students reflect on their learning throughout the project.

Who is Committed to HQPBL?